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"Are You Suffering From Knee Pain?

Have You Tried Everything To Fix It,

But Feel Let Down?”
Don’t sacrifice the activities you love over problems that can be fixed. That’s why we made this just for you.

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A Personal Message From Specialist Physiotherapist, Kai Ling...

"Maybe I just tweaked it.. Or maybe I'm just getting older."

"Let's rest and see if my knee pain goes away soon.."


Tay Kai Ling

Specialist Physiotherapist


Is that how you’re feeling right now? 
If So, you’re not alone. In fact, every day at Movinglives Physiotherapy, we see athletes who feel the exact same way. 
You see, with aches and pains affecting your movement, everyone asks us the same questions…
Why does it hurt when I move? (I don’t even know what I did!)
Why does everything get tight when I move? I did all of my stretches and they didn’t help. 
Why isn’t this going away? Am I going to have this pain whenever I exercise?
Am I going to have to live with this pain forever? 
Or worse…
Do I have to give up exercising for good? 

Let's just set the record straight! Exercising (running, walking and Crossfit etc)are NOT bad for your knees! 

Before you get upset just thinking about missing your next run or workout and giving in to taking medication for your knee pain, let me just say that at Movinglives Physiotherapy we know a BETTER WAY to get you out of pain fast while staying active!


If You Are Worried Your Knee Pain And Want To Know What's Causing It, And want to Exercise Without Worry Of Pain, Then There is Hope...

Before I go on to tell you exactly how we can help you fully resolve your knee pain, let me just say that what we do at Movinglives Physiotherapy is completely different than what's provided at other Physio clinics. 

We conduct a thorough assessment with precise hands-on care to pinpoint the exact cause of your knee pain to provide effective, and purposeful treatment that gets you back doing what you love.

We believe that "movement is medicine" and use an active approach via rehabilitative exercises that address your specific goals head-on instead of wasting your time using ice, heat, electrical stimulation, or even worse, telling you to rest and take medications with harmful side effects.

At Movinglives Physiotherapy, we believe your movement education is the number one way for you to get out of pain effectively, but also keep your pain from returning! 


If All You Have Tried Is "Generic" Easy Exercises, Rest, Foam Rollers, And Medication Without Any Relief From Your Knee Pain...Then It's Essential To Improve The Way You Move!

Over at Movinglives Physiotherapy, we have helped plenty of active individuals figure out the exact cause of their knee pain and return to the sports and exercises they love.

Having a movement strategy that is built on biomechanics, strength, and flexibility will allow you to rid your knee pain for good while learning more about your body and high performance in your sport.

Here's Whom We Can Help...

If you can say "YES" to any of the following, then the specialist service we provide is RIGHT for you:

  • You've noticed an annoying "ache" or "sharp" pain at your knee for more than a week

  • You have severe pain that limits your walking, squatting or climbing stairs

  • Your pain limits your running distance, speed, and performance

  • Your knee pain keeps you from performing to the highest level in your sport

  • You've experienced pain that keeps you from a full night sleep

  • You value the enjoyment of exercise and strongly dislike the idea of being at "rest"

If you said "Yes" to anything above then you are a perfect fit for our specialized care and we will be able to help you achieve your movement goals!

At Movinglives Physiotherapy, we have a proven system for alleviating your knee pain.  After helping many others just like you, we have a system that helps with reducing symptoms, finding the root cause and preventing the problem from coming back.

Our system will get you running, walking, and exercising with less pain, more strength, and more enjoyment. 

If you are interested in receiving specialist care, learning how to use movement as medicine, and are ready to take control of your knee pain. Here are your best options to decide if physiotherapy is right for you.


Choose which option works best for you..

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